All about Jen

Since she was very young girl, artist Jennifer Jacobsen has looked to animals for inspiration. Her range of artistic style and subjects reflects the variety found in nature and also in human emotions. At times cute and whimsical, as with her `Jake` series of birds, other times intricate and complex, as in the `Tree` series.

hopes that her art connects with people in ways that are profound, inspiring, thought provoking, or simply that her images elicits a smile. She also believes that the viewer creates the story behind each piece, and everyone's interpretation will be unique; filtered through their own personal history.

All of Ms. Jacobsen's pieces are titled, and behind most of them, there is a story. Yet its important to her that each viewer first have the opportunity to decide for themselves what the art is saying. Please enjoy this gallery of images. I hope you will find a piece that speaks to you.